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Mobile Web Apps & Websites

Would you hang up on 80% of the people who call your business?

80% of Americans are accessing the web through a mobile device. Yet only 5% of businesses have mobile-ready websites or apps!

Don’t be discouraged by this news.

In fact, it’s a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for you to get out ahead of your competitors! Chances are you’ll be the only one in your industry and very likely the only one among your local competitors who is catering to what your customers want in this way.

People clearly want to use their phones to access your website. Why not make it easy for them?

We use a technology that makes it possible for us to create a mobile site or app (they’re not the same thing, but we can build whichever is the right choice for your business) quickly and affordably for your company, nonprofit, service or store. There are no contracts, no yearly commitments (hey, it’s actually easier than buying a cell phone when you work with OMG!).

Talk to us today and find out more. This is truly an opportunity to break ground in your industry.

Your customers have gone bats for apps. Have you?

Every day a new iPhone app or Android game is capturing your customers’ attention. This nation has “There’s An App For That’ mania. Go to any shopping mall and see how cell phones have completely captured our attention… your attention… your customer’s attention. Do you have an “App For That?”

Up until now, getting your small business into the “Mobile App” game has been an expensive proposition. First, you have to decide which platform to develop on (iPhone or Android.)  Then you have to find a designer and developer willing to take a few moments for you to tell them exactly what you need quickly because they are 1. expensive and 2. busy and 3. expensive.

Then you have to negotiate price. Steel yourself and prepare for sticker shock.  Why? Because mobile application developers are in high demand.  The iPhone, iPad and now the Android market is going crazy, demand is skyrocketing and experienced developers are hard to find. You can bet they will charge you a pretty penny for their time.

And then there’s the waiting… First you have to wait for the developer to get to your job and then once the app is developed you’ve got to wait for Apple or Google to approve it (which can take months).

But we’ve got a secret… and it’s a secret that won’t last long. A new technology has just been released which evens the playing field for small business owners.

Check out our site,, to learn more about the features you can have in your app.

Apps are great for….

  • Restaurants
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Events and Conferences
  • Schools
  • Retail Stores
  • Salons
  • Service Providers
  • Bands
  • Bars

This technology will allow us to develop your application cheaper and faster than the other guys. In the same time it takes for someone else to wait for the opportunity to talk with a developer, we can meet, advise, develop and launch your next great app.

Pretty nifty, eh?! So if you’ve got a great idea, then let’s get going. Contact us today.