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Social Media Class


Whatever your line of work, you’ve heard about “social media” and you’ve probably accepted the fact that it’s something you need to do. But how and where do you get started? We’ve attended many workshops available in the OKC area, and not one has served the needs of true beginners. And we DO mean beginners!

There are absolutely no stupid questions in this class. We’re going to start from the VERY beginning (all you need to do before the class is set up your account on a few web sites). You already know WHY you need to dive into social media to promote your business (although we’ll go over some key reasons again). Now you’ll learn HOW you actually do it, from the very first step.

Call us for date/time of our next class- 405-445-4442

What Your Will Learn
You set up your Twitter and Facebook accounts and we’ll take it from there. (If this makes you feel like you need to breathe into a brown paper sack, don’t worry; register for the class and we’ll send you a link to a video that walks you all the way through the account creation process) After the 3-hour class, you’ll be able to (or will have already done):


  • Participate in the conversation on Twitter using Tweetdeck
  • Send messages on Twitter to all your followers, or just one person
  • Retweet and Reply on Twitter
  • Monitor your brand or business (and your competition) on Twitter
  • Run polls on Twitter
  • Share photos and links on Twitter
  • Organize the people you follow into groups and favorites so you can manage the conversation
  • Understand the point of using Twitter and have concrete examples of tweets you can use today
  • Delete a tweet, block a user, control how people view your profile, and other functions
  • Have ideas for a custom Twitter profile page background
  • Increase your search engine performance by listing yourself in Twitter directories


  • Understand your profile on facebook, and how to use it for business AND personal purposes
  • Have a Facebook “page,” “group” or “profile” and understand the difference—and which are appropriate for your business.
  • Target very specific customer/demographic groups with inexpensive Facebook ads (You’ll write a couple of great ads in class)
  • Create an event (open house, party, seminar, class, etc.)
  • Tweak your Facebook profile to increase your search engine performance
  • How to wade through all the quiz invitations, pokes, gifts and tags and just get what you need and want out of Facebook
  • Specific ways to find and convert new customers on Facebook

You’ll also leave the class with…

  • A game plan so that you can and will have time to manage social media for your business (or how to confidently delegate it to someone else with purposeful instructions)
  • Knowledge of what YOU want out of social media for your business, and a step-by-step plan for how to achieve it
  • All your questions answered! Even if you think they’re stupid.

Class Requirements: You have basic computer knowledge: you know how to open and close a program, type, use a mouse. You have already set up accounts on Twitter and Facebook. You already know you need to do social media, you just don’t know where to start (in other words, we don’t need to convince you this is important) Bring with you: All your login information (user name/passwords) for Youtube, Facebook and Twitter (just to help you remember—we won’t be seeing them) Notepad and pen to take notes Your computer (we’ll be working together on your computer for the whole class)

This class is for: Entrepreneurs, self-employed people and small business owners. Realtors, Physicians, Attorneys, Dentists, Insurance Agents, Travel Agents, Independent Salespeople, Retail store owners, Hairstylists, Estheticians.