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Oklahoma Website Design & Development

A website is more than pretty pictures, it is your direct line of communication to your next big client, donor, volunteer, supporter or key influencer.

Imagine you’ve just met someone and you hand them your business card. They take that business card, sit down to their desk and research. They want to know who you are, what you do and why they should choose you over your competitor. Your website is your first step into your next great client/customer relationship. Does it represent you well? Does is convey your passion. What does it say about you?

A website can tell your story, how you got into business and why they should buy from you. For example, OMG was born out of the ashes of a double layoff. It’s the story about how an award winning graphic artist and a veteren ecommerce seo expert decided to start a business. Since then we have built a reputation of creating great websites which produce results at a price you can afford.

Then a website should close the deal by getting your visitor to take an action. That action can be to call, text, sign up, download or buy. It can be anything, but you must have an end result. Otherwise your website is an expensive brochure which does nothing but show pretty pictures.

The reality is that your website should be like your employees. It should have a job description with goals and daily duties and you should check up on it regularly to see if its meeting it’s objectives.

So that’s where we come in. We will help you determine what job you want your website to perform. And then we’ll put the tools into place so that the website can meet those expectations. Then from time to time we will check in on how the website is performing and see if it needs to be tweaked, corrected or improved upon.

Our process is simple, first we want to know why you are reaching out to us.. what kind of pain you are experiencing from your website or from your lack of a website. Then we will ask you a series of questions like who are your customers, who is your ideal customer, what kind of problems your customers are typically having and how your company solves this problem.