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Did Renzi Stone and Saxum Rip Off ODOT?

When I first heard about the Oklahoma Department of Transportation paying $7500 to Saxum PR for a Twitter account, I admit it: I was enraged. Then I read the story and started thinking.


Social Media For Dummies: Top 10 Guides to Getting Started

Several people asked me for some guidance on where to find more information for beginners on how to get started in social media. Of course, if you're in the Oklahoma City area, we'd recommend our hands-on Social Media for Absolute Beginners class. But here are some web sites and books you might want


Social Media Workshop

Oklahoma Media Group announces the first in a series of OKC Social Media workshops. Whatever your line of work, you’ve heard about “social media” and you’ve probably accepted the fact that it’s something you need to do. But how and where do you get started? We’ve attended many workshops available in the OKC area, and […]