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Good Search Engine Strategy: Create Landing Pages For Specific Goals

Create landing page(s) within your site for specific goals mentioned in ads.

Depending on what people search for to find your site, they have different expectations when they arrive there.

For example, if you’re a car dealership, someone searching for “auto financing” or “affordable cars” has different expectations than someone searching for “2009 Jaguar” or “luxury vehicles.” So to just direct everyone to your home page is not the best solution; you will get a higher bounce rate when you do this. (in other words, people will come to your site, see generalized content that is not relevant to their search, and they’ll leave within 30 seconds.)

So it’s a good idea to create specific landing pages within your site that each of your keyword ads can direct to, so that people find content that is specific to what they are searching for. The landing pages have information that directly relates to that search term. From there, people can navigate through the rest of your site, but having a landing page with highly relevant content will decrease your bounce rate.

At Oklahoma Media Group, we can create a plan that will integrate your Google keywords and Google Adwords campaigns with specific, targeted landing pages on your web site. It’s not very difficult to do, and it will pay off many times over with increased traffic to your site, and increased results for your business!

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