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Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce – Starting your own business in OKC – Oklahoma City Chamber

Are you starting up a new business in Oklahoma City? GREAT!! It’s a good time to start a business in OKC.  It’s scary (we know, we are already one year into our big adventure called OMG) and you have to have nerves of steel, but it will be infinitely more rewarding than working for the man.

Right now you are probably doing some research on the marketplace and you may be a more than a little intimidated by the competition. Your competitors have been around longer, got a track record, more customers, more referrals and you’ve got.. well, you’ve got a dream.

But a dream is all we needed at OMG… and little motivation, provided in part by the economy.  Emily and I both worked for a company which became a casualty of the economic downturn of 2009. The stock markets crashed, along with our prospects of being safely employed. Fortunately it was just the motivation we needed to start developing something out of nothing.

Emily and I both were reared in family owned businesses. Emily grew up in front of the camera as the talent-in-residence at Garman Productions, and I was Dad’s number one sales apprentice in the family construction company, CSI Contracting. But just because we inherited the “Family Business Gene” does not mean that it just came easily to us. Far from it. This year has been a year of EXTREME business lessons.

Now Emily is a website design maven and I “bring it” when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, but wow, did we make some mistakes! We took on the wrong jobs at the wrong time, and then, on the rebound, turned away clients. Jeesh, rookie mistake.  But we also had great success. For example we helped build (from scratch) a cool internet start up called “WeGoLook.” And our very first client, G. David Neff, liked our work so much he referred his own dad to us, and now his dad is our client.

We discovered great partners, great ideas and great customers. We also discovered that we LOVE  working for ourselves. Really.. no I mean really. The kind of love that makes you work late and get up early.

So we got the love. How about you? Are you ready to kick the door down in your industry and yell “I’m here!” If so, we can help.

By partnering with OMG you’ll get a logo, a lead generating, search engine optimized website and lots of help, advice and pointers in the right direction. And since OMG is still so new that it hasn’t lost that new car smell, we understand the financial limitations that come with a startup. So if you are in your first year of business, we are going to take $500 off our standard base package AND give you some options on a payment plan AND give you a few hours of our expert time to brainstorm and whiteboard your business.

Need other services as well? The OMG circle of trust includes Lawyers, Accountants, Public Relations, IT professionals, Builders and Lookers.

So just to recap: if you are a new business, we are going to give you a break and do the following:

1. Create a cool logo – Seriously cool logo.
2. Create a smart, beautiful, search engine optimized, lead generating website which works for you 24/7 (like all day.)
3. Whiteboard your business process with two hot chicks.
4. Brainstorm marketing ideas and lead generating tactics with two smart chicks.
5. Take off $500 bucks, so you can buy us lunch when you get your first lead from the web. (It will happen really fast, we can guarantee it.)
6. AND give you a payment plan.
7. AND we will talk about you on our site, on Facebook and Twitter, giving you a kick in the right direction.

So you may be asking yourself, why are we doing all of this? We do it because we love watching things grow and because frankly we are good at it. We are in the “flow” when we deal with first year clients. Just ask Dustin Pyeatt at Pyeatt Public Relations.

We also do it because we believe small things can grow into large investments (we want to get in good with the boss early.).

But since we are reducing our price and throwing in a lot of extras, we can only accept a few first year clients a month. Once we’ve filled the spot, we’ll move on to scheduling for the next month.

Don’t worry about being new around here. We can help. Give us a call right now (405) 445-4442 to reserve your time, or shoot us an email at info (at) oklahomamediagroup.com.

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