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Setting Up Web Site Funnels Crucial for ROI

If you don’t define what you want people to do on your site, you can’t measure whether they do it or not, or how effectively you’re getting them to do it.

Goal funnels are a tool in Google Analytics that allow you to create action funnels for your visitors.  If you aren’t using Google Analytics on your web site, you need to get signed up. It’s free and gives you tons of information and tools for your site. Let me say again that it is FREE, so beware of companies charging you an arm and a leg every month to do something you could do on your own with Google Analytics. Chances are those companies may be charging you a lot of money to simply print off Google Analytics reports for you!

Google Analytics can also keep track of your Google Adwords campaign and its performance in relation to traffic to your site. This can be very useful and save you money when it’s time to refine your Google ads.

In our business, we don’t believe it’s right to hand you a 40 page report and charge you $2,000 a month for it, especially when we got it for free (from Google Analytics) and we don’t teach you how to interpret the information. How can you make informed decisions if you don’t understand the reports?

We can set up funnels and modify them as needed based on what you want your visitors to do on your site. And we’ll make sure you understand the valuable information that comes from Google Analytics, so your Adwords campaigns work hard for you and you get the most for your hard-earned money.

We’re small business owners, too. We don’t have money to waste either. So if you’ve stayed away from any kind of performance analytics because you think you can’t afford it, contact us about your search engine performance. We can help!

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